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59VinayAre Avatar Meher baba and Satya Sai baba (puttaparthi) fake or genuine? What is your opinion about them?You have asked an interesting question. There are millions who follow Meher Baba and Satya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi and other famous Gurus but a serious seeker is so confused, perplexed and bewildered that he cannot decide whom to follow or not to follow - whom to accept his leader or Guru or not.

Here I will try to clear your doubts by wisdom and knowledge: First understand the differences among a follower, a devotee and a disciple.

Follower: Who follows the teachings either heard or read from books of saints, sages or devotees or disciples or Gurus or niguras (non-disciples) or non-devotees or another followers, or some famous persons, celebrities, stars, scientists, scholars, terrorists, etc. etc. He is better and some times worse depending on whom one follows than ordinary people who follow none and practice the teachings of none. Here there may be or may not be personal interaction with one whose teachings are followed or practiced.

Devotee: Who practices devotion to God with form or formless or both. There are different types of devotees like 1. Ordinary devotees. 2. Advanced devotees. 3. Most advanced devotees. 4. Favourite devotees, etc. The details you may read from the scriptures. Generally a follower becomes a devotee when he turns to God or truth.

Disciple: Who practices the teachings of one’s Guru. All ancient saints, sages and seers were disciples. Generally a devotee is elevated to discipleship when he meets his Guru. Here fully personal interaction with a Guru and initiation by the Guru is needed.

Now come to Meher Baba or Puttaparthi Satya Sai Baba or others living or dead. If I say they are fake many of their followers become angry and protest me. If I say they are genuine many of their followers praise me. I am here neither for praise nor for protest. I will ask you to develop right discrimination with wisdom to decide yourself whom to follow or not to follow.

The following poems throw some light (you may download our books and study for more light).

Fools follow the one
Who has followed none.
Whereas the wise follow the one
Who has followed someone.

Truth, love, trust – not which,
For greed, who likes to pitch
Everything to become rich
Know him as wretch.
Do you follow him to fall in a ditch?

A rat if you do not smell
What I can tell and yell
Does he not go to hell?
If one follows the one
Who has followed none.

The wise follow the wise,
The fools follow the fools,
The proud follow the proud,
The low-minded follow the low-minded,
Birds of a feather
Flock together.

Note: The end of every following comes when one meets one’s Guru and practices the teachings in word and spirit.

58RangaIs it possible to get mukti for common people? By common people I mean those who study for 15+ years, do private corporate jobs, get married, have & raise kids, live in own house, work till 65+ years.

These people don't do tapasya as they don't find time because they are employed. What are your guru's words about this?

You have asked a very good question. Yes, it is absolutely possible to common people.

For your information my Guru was a common man. He lived like a common man. He had a family. He had three brothers and two sisters and took care of His family and their children too.
My Dada Guru (Guru’s Guru) lived like a common man too. He had three daughters. Now His daughters are alive. They live with families of children and grandchildren.
My Pardada Guru (Guru’s Gurus Guru) too had family. He took care of His family.

If a common man cannot attain God why do saints and sages ask us to lead a truthful life?

They who do not know the subtle truths talk of doing meditation, fasting, pilgrimage, severe penances, leading a monk life, etc, etc. The real Tapasya (Penance) is practicing truth and Dharma (Righteousness). These two poems from our book summarize all penances.

Let truth be your speech,
Let righteousness never breach,
Practice what parents teach
Next, what the true Guru does preach.
Their services ever you beseech,
Then satisfy guests each,
By that, thee God does reach.

My Guru says,
“Mother the first teacher,
Father the next preacher,
Then the true Guru be sought.
By that, God is easily brought.”

You may read our books for more details for practicing while living like a common man.

Forget about mukti (liberation/freedom) which is proposed after death. There is doubt also because we do not know what happens after death. No dead man ever came and said he attained mukti after death. The wise want to live here in mukti. We should realize liberation while living. This is the beauty of the teachings of our Guru.

57DeepeshI heard that there are thousands of rishis, yogis, 7 brahmarishis still alive in the Himalayas even after completing 100 years. Is it true? Did your guru or paramguru see them? Is it a fake story?Similar question already answered. Read answer of the question No: 53.

I met some Rishis and Yogis in dreams only in confirmation to the second para of point No: 2 of the answer (53).

56Shankar PillaiI am not satisfied with your answer. There are not many alive good gurus in India. That's why I am requesting you solution here.
There is humongous competition in India fo jobs, flats, house, lands, seat in good education instiutions, visas for abroad and every thing literally.
Assume if you are married, you have to earn more in order to raise children, to send them to good schools, tuitions, competitive exam coaching, to send them US for higher studies, to married off them to good girl/boy, dowry. If even one thing out of this is missing then there are high chances of losing respect from our own children later because they keep compare with their friends/peers. So, a married person has to spend all his life in earning only because of these things..
Then how can we find daily enough time to perform prayers to deities in order to get liberation Swarga or sin removal? How is it possible in this cut-throat ultra competitive era?
First of all I am here not to satisfy you. There are plenty of Gurus who satisfy the ego of the seeker. You may take refuge in them.

Who said I am a Guru? I am only a disciple. My Guru had left His physical body long ago. Next a Guru cannot give a solution by mere asking or requesting online. You have to surrender, submit and serve the Guru with humility for a solution. This is the solution to get the solution to any problem according to merciful Lord Krishna.

One finds time according to one's priorities. Don't waste your time here because you don't earn any money here.

There is no competition so it is very easy to get liberation. Even a little effort will bring enormous results. These things you cannot understand unless you go to a Guru and serve him.

55Shankar PillaiThere is a manager working in corporate company. He's an employee asking him to release from current project from many months because it has horrible work culture. Manager finally promised him to release. But a month later, Director(the manager's boss) opposing that move because of some reason and saying will effect his yearly appraisals. Now what manager has to do? If he release the employee from project then he won't get promotion as per Director's words. If he doesn't release then his promise will be broken for the employee and will accumulate bad karma for it.
Neither manager can resign because the entire corporate world is like this (Giving fake promises & Exploiting employees) and ""Very Amazingly Merciful 9 naths & Krishna"" didn't create even 1 crore govt jobs for 250+ crores population. Also, Manager has wife, 2 kids & aging parents so atleast 70,000 per month is required because he lives in Bangalore (metro city). Now what manager has to do ? Commit suicide? Continue in corporate world where managers generate revenue for companies by exploiting employees and aquiring sins?
- If he commits suicide? Lord Krishna will object
- If he continue in corporate world? For that he has to do many sins like this again Krishna will object
- If he become unemployed? Then he can't feed 2 kids, wife, aging parents, So again Krishna will object
- If he had refused to get married? That is against his parents wish, So again Krishna will object.
Now what this manager has to do now in this situation as per ""merciful Krishna's Bhagavad gita"" & your Guru's teachings?
I here answer according to merciful Lord Krishna and my Guru’s teachings:
1. First of all you should serve a Guru and ask him with humility, surrender and submission.
2. You should go to a Guru and serve him with humility, surrender and submission.
3. You should go to a Guru and serve him with humility, surrender and submission.

All the best.

54DeepeshPlease tell is it possible to clear all "Sanchita" bad karmas by chanting mantras or Raam naam? I guess it's not possible to clear prarabda karma but how about Sanchita bad karmas? What are those mantras? Please tell us sir.

My life is worse, I want my all next births to be prosperous. So only way is clearing Sanchita karma completely.

Now and here itself you can change Prarabda, Sanchita and Agami by worshipping your favourite God. You may recite the name of Lord Rama if it suits you. They are altered depending on your worship and practice of devotion. Even you can get rid of all types of Karma.

Do not lower yourself. The unwise think of the next birth. The wise attain their goals in this very birth. They are happy that at least they have tried.

Poem No: 62, Page No: 65 from the book 'The Light Of Devotion Of Knowledge Of Brahma'

Don’t mind if you are a sinner or thief,
Now give up all activities of mischief,
In lamentation, there is relief;
In God have ever-growing belief;
Surely you will turn over a new leaf.
In the Gita, this even God did brief;
Then definitely, you will be chief.

Do you know what Lord Krishna said in the Gita?

“Even if the worst sinner worships Me, with devotion to none else, (or with single-pointedness), he too should indeed be regarded as 'righteous,' for he has rightly resolved.”-------Chapter 9, Verse-30.

“Soon he becomes righteous and attains Eternal Peace, O Kaunteya, know for certain that My devotee is never destroyed.”-------Chapter 9, Verse-31.

All the best.

53VickyI heard that there is some secret place called ""shambala"" somewhere on Earth where many Siddh Purush and powerful Gurus reside and follow God's commands. Is it a real or made-up fake story to create trust in God among humans? Did you, your guru, paraguru, or guru bhais ever witness them? Is it really real?You have asked a very interesting question. Like you many young seekers have similar questions in their minds. I request you be patient to read my elobarate answer. Then decide for yourself.

1. Neither I nor our guru-brothers (gurubhais or co-disciples) met them. Our Guru also told me that He too had heard similar stories since His childhood but never encountered anyone. Our Pardada Guru (Guru's Guru's Guru) wrote 14 books in Hindi and I read all of them. I never came across He mentioning about them in any of His books. If I say this to those who talk about their existence, they say, "You are not worth to meet them or competent enough to meet them". If you ask them, "Have you seen?" They say that they haven't but someone whom they follow has seen them and hoping to meet in the future and label you as an athiest. If they are alive and real why do they talk about the future? This way discussions go on without an end. This is applicable to Mahavatar Baba of Yogananda claim. They too claim their Guru Mahavatar Baba is immortal and supervising the worldly affairs.
This answer is not sufficient we will probe with wisdom and knowledge and verify such claims.

2. Consider they are real for a while. It means God has not given them liberation. If you follow them you too will not be liberated forever. But our scriptures say, "Liberation is the ultimate goal for every human being". If they work according to the will of God, why does God allow them to live forever. Why did not He allow our ancient saints and sages live forever?
According to my understanding and experience all Siddha Purushas (Perfect beings) live in their subtle bodies (have achieved union with Brahma) and can meet devotees of God if they are worth. This even in the Yogasutras, sage Patanjali expressed, "The practioner will have the vision of Perfect Beings". But he asked us to renounce this and move forward.

3. This is in continution to 2nd point. Can those who claim them to be real they be brought before people and put an end to all our doubts and speculations of their claims? No. Then their claims and our doubts go on forever.

4. This is also in continaution to point 2. These Shambala beings must have been served by some humans when they were like us means like we live now in physical body not hiding in some mystical place that cannot be visible to ordinary beings. Can those who believe and claim they are real, want to run after them, go beyond those persons who had served them when they were like us? The staright answer is a Big No. Hence these persons cannot go beyond those who served them when they were like us. Hence these Shambala beings surely favour their disciples or servants who served their physical body more than those who do only mental speculations now. Hence a waste of time to go after them.

5. This is also in continuation to point 2. These Shambal beings could not become Siddha Purushas by birth. They too faced many problems and led a life like us. They became so by serving their respective Gurus. When their Gurus had left the physical bodies why did the disciples want to cling to physical body? No wise disciple wants to live in the physical body forever when one's Guru has already left it.

6. This is also in continuation to 2nd point. If they are real and exist what use do we have? Can we serve them? No, because they do not appear before us to be served. We have to serve our Guru only. Even God asks us to serve one's Guru. If this is the case these Shambala Beings have to obey the command of God. They have to stand behind one's Guru. Hence it is enough if we serve our Guru. We need not run after them.

7. Considering all these above points I stopped in believing these stories and discussing with them (those who propagate and believe in Shambala and other such stories). I consider them as blind beliefs or superstitions. In true spirituality there is no place for blind beliefs and superstitions.

8. Finally what matters is how truthful we live but not how long we live. There are trees who live for 2000 years or more and Tortoises or turtles live for 500 or more years.

Now decide for yourself.

52Vikram SinghWhy did God create the cruel "survival of the fittest" concept? Either a tiger dies of hunger or a deer. Either a cat dies of hunger or a mouse.
It is the same for humans as well. Only one in 20 businesses succeeds. Only 1 in 1000 gets a job, and again, out of those, only a few percent get good jobs. Then how can people raise children, pay rent, save for old age, and buy houses? The cost of raising children itself is very high nowadays.
Our sages just simply said, "Be helpful to others", How is that possible nowadays? Yesterday, my nephew was cursing a popular Civils coaching centre because he said that they were increasing competition for him by increasing the supply of quality candidates. In a year, that civil services exam barely produces 500 jobs but receives millions of applications. My nephew stopped helping his friends/relatives who were preparing for the same exam because he feared that they might become strong competitors for the job. Now, in such competitive conditions, how can people be helpful to others? I, too, don't know whether my nephew is right or wrong.
Our saints have a lot of supernatural powers; they can create food out of thin air. They can bear heat and cold as their bodies have such abilities, unlike ours. They can directly talk to God and fulfil their wishes. But we common people don't have such privileges. For us, money is very must to raise a family. In order to earn money, the only possible way is by crushing competitors. Then, in such an environment, how can people be helpful to others?
Survival of the fittest is Darwin’s theory. He never said it is created by God. Why do you assign every unfavourable thing to God and blame Him for your failures?
Your nephew is not a saint. Do not worry whether he is right or wrong.

Saints were also like us faced every problem of the world before they became saints. Saints never said that none can become like them. Saints too had families and children and took care of their families according to their times. They too faced competitors during their period. So if you want to become a saint practice their teachings. Else you can have your own way. Saints never asked or forced anyone to practice their teachings. They only expressed their experience and teachings for those who want to follow them. Next, all saints were against supernatural powers though some performed. For your information there was any saint without a Guru, nor there is one, nor there will be another in the future. So those who want to follow them must serve a Guru and practice the teachings of their respective Guru.

51Sidhu VermaIn question 48, you wrote this line: "If you really think if you get a job someone will lose it, then you would not have raised the question."
What are you saying here? So, one has to stop preparing for competitive exams for jobs because if he gets selected, other people will lose that job since it is a zero-sum game. So, this person will accumulate bad karma for being the reason others lost their chance for the job. This is what you are saying? Is this really how karma works here?
By that logic, all the current government employees have accumulated bad karma because other competitors couldn't get those jobs because of them. Please explain what you are saying in that line.
This you have to think for yourself. It is good for you if you worry about your bad karma.
You have not observed the last para of the answer to question 48. Study it.
50Shankar PillaiThis is my reply to 49. There are literally crores and crores of people in India without jobs, and some have very little pay under the worst job culture. But all our Hindu Gods are doing nothing. They are not showing any solution to it and are least bothered about this issue. Those seers and sages lived in different times when the cost of living wasn't that high. Nowadays, rents, house prices, groceries, and kids education are increasing every year. I am asking about this. Where do you see God's mercy here? Do you suggest that all these crores of unemployed and underemployed people not get married? What is the solution to this that you feel from your Guru's teaching? Where do you see God's mercy these days?Neither Hindu Gods nor my Guru nor ancient saints and sages asked you or anyone to worship God to solve these issues. So you want magic from Gods to solve all your issues.
If you think Hindu Gods do nothing, go to Muslim or Christian or Buddhist or secular gods and seek their mercy. You should seek the mercy of secular gods ie, rulers for your issues. All the best.
49Shankar PillaiOne person I know, completed his PG studies 4 years ago. He applied for many jobs both government & private jobs. But couldn't find any. His father was suffering from some kidney issue from long time. Few months ago his father passed away because they didn't have money for his operation. Now this person was unable to cope with the loss. He was very upset that despite completing PG studies 4 years ago, he has been unable find a job, and was unable to save his father's life. He was so upset & angry with himself and committed suicide one day.

There are crores of people like him in India, they pray to all gods from Shiva, Rama, Durga, NavNaths etc but still unable to find jobs. Then how can they survive in this competitive & expensive world? Why all the gods are least bothered about us? Despite that why do you call god as "Ocean of mercy" in all your answers while it's clearly visible he's not?

So what is your question? With your example you want to prove that God is not the ocean of mercy but He is the ocean of cruelty. Keep it up Mr. Shankar Pillai. So what do you call terrorists if you call God is the ocean of cruelty?

It is not my word that God is the ocean of mercy. Do yout think yourself greater than ancient saints, sages and seers who called God is the ocean of mercy? I just repeat thier words like a parrot. If you have problem go and make a website and sperad that God is the ocean of cruelty. All the best.

48Sidhu VermaMay be it is a curse, I was born in India. You are Nath Yogi. Please giv me a spiritual ritual/worship to get a GOOD job. Please don't say P-P-P like question no-40. Becaus In India even 25,000/- job receives 1 lakh applications.
It is zero sum game, if one person gets job then other person loses that opportunity. So, P-P-P clearly doesn't work here for all
One can keep trying this P-P-P method for entire life and find no (good) job at all.
Please give me a spiritual ritual/worship to get a good job by the grace of any of 1 Million+ unbelievably powerfu hindu gods/saints/gurus/naths. Who will help me if not they!
For your information I am a fake Nath Yogi. People call me so and I am pleased with that title.

There are many who are happy to be born in India and blame themselves for their plight.
Your life will never change as long as you curse your motherland and look for some magic mantra/ritual. But you talk as if you are worried about others! If you really think if you get a job someone will lose it, then you would not have raised the question.

There is none to help you if you don't help yourself. Haven't you heard this quote, "God helps those who help themselves".

47Kiran MittalSir I have one doubt. Does evading taxes can get bad karma? We can't evade completely but atleast 5-10% we can using some tricks.
If you see Life of an Income Tax Payer in India:
Step 1: Pay tax on your hard-earned income.
Step 2: Pay tax when you buy products/goods or sit at a restaurant/cafe.
Step 3: Pay tax when you invest/sell shares, bonds, etc. in the form of Capital Gains & STT.
Step 4: Pay Stamp duty etc when you buy property.
Step 5: Pay Road Tax etc when you buy a Car.

By the time we retire, the amount we have paid as Taxes is Far greater than our accumulated Wealth & Savings.

But all these money goes into corrupted politicians hands & they misuse this money on elections, irresponsible spending. Also, the tax percentage is too much in India. Even though flat rents are very high in Bangalore they haven't increased exemption limit from years. Govt is very harsh on hardworking tax payers.
So, I don't feel evading 5-10% tax won't get any bad karma in such environment. But Please let me know your opinion.

You have asked a very good practical question. This haunts all spiritual seekers. Like evading small amount of taxes and sometimes not obeying traffic laws or rules, etc.

You are quite right and you do not incur any bad Karma. These failed rulers harsh on common men, ordinary citizens and employees. They do not act against big fish who escape huge amount of taxes because they get party fund from them and they act to please them.
God is giving us free water, air, fire and land for produce. Which Government is paying taxes to Him instead these rulers are spoiling Mother Nature because of greed, avarice, etc. Even they usurp the money and the land of temples for there is no end to their greed. Do you think these politicians do not evade tax? They cunningly use every law to evade tax and donate to trusts which are run by them or their relatives. Like king (ruler); like people. Hence nothing to worry.

Evading taxes can cause one to get the share of the bad Karma (proportionate to evasion) of people or rulers who are benefitted by taxes. By honestly paying taxes one gets some share of good Karma of people or rulers who are benefitted by taxes. Karma is so subtle, it is very difficult to watch it. So do not worry about evading small amount of taxes. Be careful, if you are caught, you will be taxed with penalty or punishment.

46Venkat PujariThis is my own experience. Nath Yogi being utterly merciless to me, Why?
I work at Cognizant. Our company have many client companies who give projects(work). Employees attend for client interviews and if they clear interview round then they will be assigned to that client project for 2 years.
After I joined Cognizant, I am asked (forced infact) by manager to appear for a client project interview (Say XYZ). I know this ‘XYZ’ client is worst & has bad work culture, pressure & reputation. Before appearing for interview I prayed to Gorakhnath baba for 1 hour that they shouldn’t select me. Even during interview round I purposefully answered few questions wrongly because I don’t like that client. After completing interview also I was praying to Gorakhnath baba whole night to help in getting rejection.
But my bad luck, they selected me and Cognizant has 2 years contract with them. Now all these 2 years is just gonna be time waste. Now here I am working long hours, pressure with no growth. Gorakhnath baba, whom I believe a lot, cheated me. I didn’t ask him any earth shaking boon. Just a interview rejection I needed.
Now I stopped praying him because I lost faith & also I’m unable to find time these days.
You do not know that your manager and your client were desperate and prayed to Gorakhnath Baba/God to select you for their work. So what Gorakhnath Baba could do? He simply left you, your manager and client to fate and destiny based on the Karmas of the trio.
If you or I or the whole world stop praying to Him and lost faith, the world does not change. Guru Gorakhnath never asked anyone to keep faith in Him and pray to Him. Hope you understand.
45Sara MittalHow true is that current birth karma will be transferred to next births? In that case all the 70% people in our country suffering from poverty because they all have bad karma carrying from previous births?

So our corrupted politicians will become beggars for sure in next births?

Karma is so subtle that we cannot know of it. Karma itself knows how to reward or punish us.

Their bad Karma is shared by all because in a democracy people are rulers. Those like you who curse poverty and corrupt politicians share more of the politicians’ bad karma. In a way you are getting rid of their bad karma unknowingly. If such is the case their next birth cannot be as bad as you think. Anyway we do not know. It is good for you if you think of yourself and act to reform.

44CharanSir, is listening to bhajans songs helpful? There are many bhajans songs in youtube, Does frequent listening to bhajans decrease negative situations in life? Can bhajans listening decrease bad karma effects?Yes, they are helpful in case you reflect and reform in what you have heard or listened to. These bhajans (devotional songs) may arouse feelings of devotion if you are focused. Sure, they can reduce the effects of bad as well as good Karma.

More effective is attending Satsang. Read the answers of questions 1 and 38 on Satsang.

43SameeraSir, Is karma really real or just a man-made system to stop evil nature among humans? Assume a girl was kidnapped & killed. May be it's because of her bad karma of previous birth? In such case why to punish the murderer? May be he just did that to clear her bad karma by punishing her. Then he shouldn't get bad karma credits for killing her. Here the karma-theory looks failed.
If 100 girls are killed by 100 murderers. Then may be 20 of the girls might have been destined like that because of their own bad karma of previous births. In such case those 20 murderers shouldn't be punished because god sent them to clear bad karma of those 20 girls. But courts would punish all these 100 murderer equally. And we think these all murderers are sinners & accumulate bad karma for that act.
Second example, there are many poor kids suffering due to hunger. The poor kids are here on the earth because of their parents only. Every suffering the kids are going through is completely because of their parents fault. The poor parents shouldn't have give birth to kids when they aren't rich at first. So, since these kids are suffering daily, do their parents accumulate bad karma for that?

But you always write in your answers to worship parents whether they are rich or not!
So, It appears as if karma-theory is a man-made to just stop evil nature in humans. There is no proof that karma is god-made. Also there is no proof that 9naths or Krishna are real and they came to earth hundreds of years ago. What is your opinion sir?

Read answers of the questions 3 and 42 about the law and proof of Karma.

Regarding your examples: Your examples are foolish and non-sense as whatever you explained were done because of the senses and the ego. The purpose of Karma is to control the senses and winning the mind. Your mind is asking you foolish questions and confusing you. Better try to control it and focus it on spiritual practices. Neither the poor kid is complaining nor the parent. Why do you waste your time on these matters? You need not worry about others’ Karmas. It is good for you if you try to focus on your Karma and try to reform according to the advice of ancient saints and seers.

Read answer of the question 39 about the proof of Lord Krishna and Nine Naths.

42Viman SinghWhy god isn't showing proofs of Heaven or hell? If they are shown then people will do good things & help each other in order to get heaven. But god never shown proofs for heaven. Why is it like that? Then who will believe heaven, hell or Karma is real?If all are good, goodness cannot be upheld. He has shown proofs to His devotees and ardent seekers in the scriptures of the world. It is up to the individual to believe it or unbelieve. He never asked anyone to believe or unbelieve or believe blindly. God has given the freedom to everyone of choosing what one wants.

Come to Karma: If you work hard you will get the results whether you want it or not. This happens everywhere. You have reached this stage of asking questions because of Karma or actions only. Even unbelief is also a belief in not to believe.

41Chand GirishDo navnaths or 84 Siddhas have enough penance power to make all the Indians into millonaire? If yes then why aren't they doing that? There are many poor people in India & corporate companies are taking advantage and looting these poor employees in every possible way. Why all siddha purush are silent on this? Why no god/siddha purush taking action against corporates & corrupted politicians?Why are you worried about only Indians? Why have you left the people of other nations?

Observe, even Adi Nath Lord Shiva is not a millionaire. His friend Kuber is the richest one.

Moreover Nava Naths and 84 Siddhas follow the footsteps of Adi Nath Lord Shiva who has renounced everything and led a mendicant life.

See, one has to bear the Karma of one’s own. The Karma checks all. We will be under check if we cross limits supervised by God alone. So you worry about yourself. Do not worry about the world. God knows well how to protect His creation. Siddha Purushas work according to the will of God. They cannot act on their own. These things are very difficult to understand unless one goes to a Guru and serve Him.

40PraveenSir, I have one big doubt. We've crores of deities in hinduism. In India corporate companies are taking the advantage of huge population and imposing worst policies on employees like less salary, less hike, very long notice period, heavy micro-management, making work more than 10 hours daily, working on holidays, abusive managers, backstabbing, not-focusing on employee growth but only business growth and list goes on.
There are less than ~2% good jobs in India. My doubt is there any mantra/way to request crores gods to get us good job out of that 2%?
This is the mantra.
'4Ps': Passion, Practice, Perseverance and Patience are the key factors of success in every field.

The answer of the 1st question may be read for more.

39Ganesh SPranam Sir,
There are millions of enlightened souls/sadhus. Starting from Saptrishis to 9naths to Ramana Maharshi. Millions of enlightened souls/sadhus in the sky. I pray to god many times to send one enlightened soul in dreams and guide me. But till now nothing happened. Why none of them guiding me in anyway? Why aren't they showing some kindness or responsibility towards devotee? Then why do people give so much respect to them? If this is the case then who on earth will work towards mukti and all?
Dear Ganesh, you have asked a very intelligent question guided by wisdom. This is the real test of one’s practice and progress in spiritual realm.
First of all you should know the difference between Ramana Maharshi and others you mentioned (the 9 Naths and the 7 Rishis). The former did not serve any Guru and was a nigura. So do not pray to God for a vision of a nigura to guide you. How can the one who has not been guided by anyone can guide others? This you have to investigate yourself.

They have not appeared in your dreams it does not mean they do not appear to anyone else. They are ocean of mercy and They guided many devotees in the past, and guide/are guiding many now and will guide many in the future also. There may be some shortcomings in your practice. Why don’t you think so? You have to check your practices.
I can guide you for the vision of Them (the 9 Naths or the 7 Seers or the Enlightened Beings) or your favourite God/Goddess by the grace of our Guru, provided you have to practice our Guru’s teachings for a year or two for these things to happen. If you are determined to have the great vision, contact me by clicking here for personal teachings and guidance which I have got by the grace of our Guru.

Note: If you do not get the vision after a year or two call me a fake yogi.

38Answers.comWhat are the benefits of attending Satsang?1. The doubts vanish into thin air.
2. Mind becomes crystal clear and focused.
3. The faculty of discrimination becomes powerful.
4. The internal enemies are easily subdued.
5. One gets acceleration on the path.
6. Gets the results of 12 years of penance.
7. The blessings of saints and sages.
8. The grace of God because He is pleased more.
9. One comes closer and closer to truth.

There are many many benefits.

37PraveenPranam Sir, All my relatives & friends were born into upper class, upper middle class except me. My father earns very very less but drinking daily from years. Till now he didn't save even 1 lakh for my future. My mother doesn't have much knowledge as she's not educated. I am unable to control my jealous whenever I see friends & relatives enjoying wealth of their parents and living happily with their parents. Why did 9naths & Krishna curse this to me? Why did they give such worst parents to me? I cannot control anger at 9naths/Krishna? They aren't merciful as mentioned in scriptures. My life has been messed up.If you blame parents for your plight, your life will be more troublesome. Whatever you have now, will be lost. You are inviting the wrath of God by insulting parents. The more you insult, the more you suffer.
Be content with what you have and do not be envious of others and practice devotion towards God or Lord Krishna and Nine Naths if you want to make your life better. If you do not change your attitude, you will suffer more and more. You have to control your mind by listeneing to parents, practicing devotion and defeating the inner enemies. There is no other way.
36Ganesh SI was born in a poor family and suffered a lot.
How can I request 9naths or Krishna to get a birth next time in a rich/royal family like queen Elizabeth etc? Because 9naths or krishna don't give me mukti easily. So, What prayers or karma I need to do for fulfilling this wish?
For this one does not need to worship any God. Just think of being born in a rich/royal family in next birth. If one remembers this at the time of death, one will surely be born in a rich/royal family.

Caution: If one attempts suicide, as it is easy to remember while dying, one will become a ghost. Be aware of it.

35Yogesh MWho are you?I am a disciple of Guru Siddha Nath
34PraveenSir, I know god has lot of power. He has taken 33 crores of forms as per scriptures. But still there are many crores of very poor people in India. India's said to be karmabhoomi & god's favourite place. But why god isn't removing poverty from India still? In fact poverty is increasing day by day. We have many laxmi stotras, stutis given by siddhas but still many people are poor because of which people are following adharmic ways to earn money to survive. Sometimes I doubt what is the point of worshipping god if he is least bothered about us like this.He has taken all forms. God is in you, me, her, him, them, animals, plants, devas, everything. All this exists because of God. Poor, rich, good, bad, all variations exist because of God.
Yes, this Mother Earth is Karmabhoomi. India is a part of this. Fruits are given according to our Karma. That is why some sages said, "There is no God other than Karma". God favours Karma here than any other thing that is why Mother Earth is His favourite place.
God does not cause any poverty or makes someone rich. It is one's Karma. Here Karma is God. If you pray to God or Goddess without doing your Karma, you will never progress. Siddhas became so because of their Karma.
Here one's tested for his practice of Karma. If people do Adharma, they have to face the fruits of their actions. One's future is in one's hand. It is foolish to blame God or any other person for our shortcomings.
If you feel no point, do not worship Him because He never asked anyone to worship Him. He never bothered about people. It is rulers Karma to bother about people. But in democracy people are rulere. So we have to blame oursleves for our plight.
33Answers.comWhat is the relationship between religion and spirituality?1. Spirituality is the core of every religion.
2. The fact is the so called religions are dividing people but the meaning of religion is to bind or unite. The religions are binding or uniting a group of people causing divisions among people.
3. If you practice the core values of any religion you are called spiritual. But if you practice superficial values you are tagged as religious.
4. If you practice the teachings of the ancient saints and sages of any religion you are spiritual.
5. If you practice the teachings of a book without judgement and discrimination you are called religious.
6. The aim and purpose of every religion is to bind or unite with Spirit. At present the religions have forgotten this.
7. Spirituality is the purpose and aim of every religion.
8. Roots of religion and spirituality are one and the same.

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32Sounder RajWhat are Siddhis and Riddhis according to the Yogic System of India?These things you should learn under the guidance of your Guru. I just brief you.
Siddhi is accomplishment. Riddhi is enjoyment. Siddhi and Riddhi affect adversely if one doesn't have proper Buddhi (Intelligence or discrimination) and Buddhi is developed when the mind becomes Suddhi (pure). Riddhi and Siddhi can cause downfall in Yoga if there in no Buddhi.
These things are universal and cannot be bound to a nation.
31Amardeep SinghWhat all ingrediants are there in ahuti (not that ahuti that one get in market, but the real one as per our Hindu culture)?The sense objects, the senses, the mind and the ego, the fruits of works, selfishness, etc. to be offered in the holy fire of Brahma. This is applicable to all fire sacrifices of all religions.
30Abhishek CIs academic success the only way to make our parents proud?Presently in India most of the parents are so because they are so tuned by the society, political leaders, secular constitution and education that promote greed.
See, one gets parents according to one’s Karma only. Refer the verse in the Gita. The following birth is very rare whose parents drive the child towards truth.
Or, he is even born in the family of the wise YOGIS; verily, a birth like this is very difficult to obtain in this world. Chapter 6, Verse 42.
There is no other way one has to eke out one’s Karma by trying to satisfy one’s parents.
29PraveenSir, Spiritual seekers in ancient times and even till last century, used to do penance for years with less food, very limited set of allowed food items with limited quantity. But how could they stay strong/healthy to do long hours of spiritual practices without getting any diseases like heart attack, nerves weakness, kidney stones, blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid diseases & nutrient deficiency diseases, etc.
I really wonder how could they stay strong in old age when they didn’t have enough nutrient food daily since young age because of strict diet/fasting/rules? Eg: 9naths, siddh gurus
Nowadays people are getting some or other disease even though they eat 3 meals daily.
In ancient times they lived in accordance with Mother Nature. This is not possible to all now because of growth of population, development of science and technology. The food they had was pure and plants were grown with natural manure. Now we have adulterated food and plants are grown with pesticides and chemicals. We need nutrients because in our food natural gowth is lacking. Even our nutrients are not naturally produced.
Death and disease happen because of our past karma though Mother Nature helps them happen. It is not that in the past no saint or yogi had left the body in the young age. Adi Shankaracharya and Saint Jnaneswar are two examples.

What matters is how truthful we live and what our karmas are but not how long we live or what we eat or drink or how strong and disease free is the body.

28Answers.comWhat is one major idea Hinduism to its followers?Guru is the major idea in Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma. No other idea can surpass this in Hinduism.

The following two poems explain the core idea of Hinduism:
Let truth be your speech,
Let righteousness never breach,
Practice what parents teach
Next, what the true Guru does preach.
Their services ever you beseech,
Then satisfy guests each,
By that, thee God does reach.
My Guru says,
“Mother the first teacher,
Father the next preacher,
Then the true Guru be sought.
By that, God is easily brought.”

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27Ganesh SWhy 9Naths or Krishna not taking any action & save Indians?
In India, the costs of rents, house, education, hospitals, taxes are so high & they keep increase time to time without major reason.
There’re not many Government/permanent jobs. Most of the jobs are corporate jobs, where employees are required to play lots of office politics (Eg; Software field) , influencing & tricking people sell company products & services (Eg: banks, coaching centres, real estate workers, film industry)
If this is the situation of all corporate/private jobs then how can one live a life of truth in words, deed, & thought as per you nowadays?
If one doesn’t work then he can’t pay rents, children schools fee,  so he had to work as per one’s corporate job’s needs  which is playing office politics, tricking people, generating money to company in adharmic ways  get salary monthly & pay bills  this is vicious cycle.
This is the situation of all most all employees of corporate jobs unless one born in upper class families. Now please don’t say that there are corporate jobs which don’t involve adharmic activities because I have more knowledge about these things and have many contacts.
Why aren’t 9Naths or Krishna creating more dharmic (or government jobs) for people? Why can’t they decrease cost of living in India where everything is very expensive? Being powerful gods they don’t do any of these and expect us to live dharmic life like them? How can corporate employees live dharmic life when their day-to-day work itself involves adharmic activities in one or other form?
Many youth are confused and bewildered like you. What you said is quite right. The world is so (as you mentioned in the question) but saints, sages and scriptures say to lead a life of truth in thought, word and deed and practice Dharma when the world around you practicing Adharma. Some become frustrated and go into depression.

1. To get rid of this predicament Guru is needed. Go to a Guru and serve him for guidance to face the problems of the world.
2. Until you meet your Guru consider your parents as your Gurus and take their guidance and orders what to do for these worldly matters.
3. Come to Guru Purnima, we will have personal discussions on these matters because these cannot be revealed here. Click here for the details of Guru Purnima.

Immediately stop blaming Nine Naths and Lord Krishna for the state of world affairs.

26Ganapathy ChidambaramWhy did Hastamalaka need a guru?
Adi Shankara accepted Hastamalaka as his disciple once he realized that he was always absorbed in the Brahman. Why does such a person need a Guru or a master? Hasn’t he already accomplished the final goal?
Thanks for reminding me the disciple Hastamalaka and his Guru Adi Shankaracharya.

For your information knowledge goes unrecognized without a Guru. Even in this world we need certificates from schools, colleges and universities to get recognition of knowledge. Suppose one has gained all this worldly education on his own effort without attending any college and has no certificate from any university. Do governments offer him any position? Is he allowed to practice his knowledge? Is he allowed to teach others? If it is a medical profession he would be labeled as a crack. He may be put in jail for he has no valid license or recognition of his knowledge though he has good understanding of the subjects.

If this is the case of this world then imagine what about the other world. Hastamalaka knew this and became a disciple. Moreover Brahma cannot be known without a Guru. Final goal will never be reached or accomplished without the grace of a Guru. All sages, saints, seers and incarnations like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, etc, served Their respective Gurus. He followed Them and upheld the truth by becoming a disciple. He proved that the truthful are greater than the truth itself. I bow to him. Further doubts may be cleared by one’s Guru.

This also proves the foolishness of present masses who rush to niguras (non-disciples or the uninitiated) and self-proclaimed Gurus, swamis, sadhus, saints, babas, preachers, matas, etc, for liberation. In the end these followers and their leaders enter into the darker regions of hell.

This also proves the foolishness of some who self-proclaim attaining enlightenment or liberation with own efforts without serving any Guru.

"Sans teacher, one cannot learn even science
Sans Guru, what one knows is only nescience."

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25Neeta ShettyWhere is the abode of God?One’s heart is the undisputed abode of God. To this all ancient saints and sages agreed. So declares every scripture of the world.
24Abhishek DasWhat is the real meaning of Tathagata, according to Buddhist views?Tathagata means who has arrived to that truth (Tat) or reached the truth. Do you know the 'Tat' in the Mahavakya Tat Tvam Asi (That thou art or Thou are that)?
The same is implied in Tathagata.
23Swapnil SahooWhat is the highest form of pleasure for humans?It is already mentioned in the Upanishads. Sage Yajnavalkya answered this to King Janaka when the latter asked.

"If a person is perfect of body and is prosperous, lord of others and most lavishly supplied with all human enjoyments, he represents the highest blessing among men. This human bliss multiplied a hundred times makes one measure of the bliss of the Manes who have won their own world. The bliss of these Manes who have won their world, multiplied a hundred times, makes one measure of bliss in the world of the gandharvas. The bliss of the gandharvas, multiplied a hundred times, makes one measure of the bliss of the gods by action (those who attain godhood through sacrificial rites). The bliss of the gods by action, multiplied a hundred times, makes one measure of the bliss of the gods by birth, as also of one who is versed in the Vedas, sinless and free from desire. The bliss of the gods by birth, multiplied a hundred times, makes one measure of bliss in the World of Prajapati, as also of one who is versed in the Vedas, sinless and free from desire. The bliss in the World of Prajapati, multiplied a hundred times, makes one measure of bliss in the World of Brahma (Hiranyagarbha), as also of one who is well versed in the end of the Vedas, sinless and free from desire. This, indeed, is the supreme bliss. This is the state of Brahma, O Emperor," said Yajnavalkya.

—— Part-4, Chapter-3, Verse-33, The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

22Aasis MoharanaWhat is the feeling and the experience of the bliss attained by perfection in Bhakti yoga? What is the heart's feeling when the soul only desires to serve God and his devotees?Answer to your first question (perfection in Bhakti). Some points:
1. God resides in devotee's heart.
2. He follows him wherever he goes.
3. There is nothing that cannot be attained.
4. All world is nothing but reflection of his own soul.
5. There is no difference between him and the world.
6. Time accepts defeat.
7. What to speak? He is the living example of perfection.

This is to your second question (desire of serving God and His devotees). Some points:
1. This is only a desire. His heart is interested in Satsang.
2. His heart longs to find out His devotees.
3. His heart tries to find out the methods by which God and His devotees are pleased.

21BEBI SWhat is Samprajnata Samadhi?The Samadhi based on these following four is called Samprajnata Samadhi.
1. Right reasoning of truth,
2. Right vision of truth.
3. Ecstasy because of the above two and
4. The ego (of the above three).

Note: These things should be learnt under the guidance of a qualified Guru.

20X- FreakWhat is real? How do we define something that is real without using our senses?How can the real be defined with the unreal things like the senses, the mind, etc.? The real is a matter of experience. It is a feeling like sweet. You cannot understand what is sweet without experience. It is beyond words.
19P. S.What is difference between Guru (गुरु), Trainer (शिक्षक) & Teacher (अध्यापक)?Teacher (अधयापक), trainer (शिक्षक), Acharya, master, etc, are lamps of varying Wattage who illuminate in darkness.
Guru (गुरु) or Spiritual Teacher is the sun who dispels darkness at once and all these lamps lose their significance.
18Gita Goudarzi BahramipourWhat is difference between a believer and an unbeliever?In fact there is no difference.The same Soul is in the believer and in the unbeliever. The differences exist in duality or in relative sense.
The truth is even unbeliever believes in unbelief. Unbeliever cannot exist without believer. Believer can exist without unbeliever. The problem is believer cannot get recognition without unbeliever. The unbeliever lives in believing not to believe that a believer believes. These belief and unbelief are relative and depends on circumstances, teachings, etc.

The truth is beyond believer and unbeliever.

17Muralidharan KVWhat is Dharma megha Samadhi?You have asked a very good question.
In Dharma Megha Samadhi, the seeker will be permanently established in Dharma or Righteousness. His actions of three fold will be in accordance with Dharma and truth. This becomes natural to him. He sees knowledge and wisdom everywhere. Infinite knowledge and wisdom spring from his heart. He is established in it. If he turns away from this natural state (Samadhi) also, knowledge and wisdom surround him like a cloud (Megha). This cloud downpours unceasingly knowledge and wisdom on him though he does not want to drench himself in it. He is engulfed by knowledge and wisdom. He cannot escape from it though he wills. His actions produce no results or say he is free from the consequences of all actions of three fold. All his actions are burnt by the knowledge of Brahma. All his doubts and confusions have vanished into thin air. He is called a perfect and accomplished Yogi. He becomes Atma personified.

This state cannot be achieved without the combined grace of God and an accomplished perfect Guru.

16Deepika EWhat is Chidambara Rahasya?This is the same as that one encounters in every mosque. Lord Shiva as formless God or Brahma or Allah is worshipped in Chidambaram. The secret you may learn from your Guru because if revealed it is no longer a secret.
15Atharva SurveWhat is Brahman and Maya according Hindu philosophy?I do not give answer according to any philosophy because I do not know about different types of philosophies. I give answer according to my knowledge and understanding.
Brahma and Maya are the two forms of only One Reality. Maya works to glorify Brahma. Brahma upholds Maya. Without Maya, Brahma cannot be realized. Brahma meets His devotees in the form of Guru. Hence only Guru is Brahma and the rest is Maya.

I bow to the lotus feet of my Guru Siddha Nath who is Brahma personified.
14Sanjeev MisraWhat is anahat nada meditation?There is Anahata wheel in the body. When Kundalini rises and reaches this chakra, it will stop the rotation of the wheel. At that juncture when you concentrate there you will hear different types of sounds harsh, soft, subtle and more subtle and that of various musical instruments like drum, kettle, flute, veena, etc. These sounds are produced on their own without any effort of the seeker then the nada or sound is called Anahata Nada.

Caution: This concentration should not be attempted without a qualified Guru. If done without a Guru gives adverse results.

13Tima Murak WitariWhat is Advaita Vedanta?There are four terms, Dvaita, Advaita, Veda and Anta.
1. Dvaita means two or duality. Brahma and Maya, birth and death, God and Mother Nature, man and woman, light and darkness, etc.
2. Advaita means no two or non-duality. That says there is only One God or only One Truth.
3. Veda means that to be known or knowledge.
4. Anta means the end. Vedanta means the end of the Vedas.
5. Now you can understand the meaning of the Vedanta which is the end of the knowledge.
Vedanta cannot be known without serving a Guru who has reached the end of the knowledge. Advaita Vedanta is the end of the knowledge of no two or non-duality. This cannot be known without serving a Guru who is established in Advaita Vedanta. Because it is said,

“Sans teacher, one cannot learn even science,
Sans Guru, what one knows is only nescience.”

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12AdityaI want to be a disciple of a nath yogi and find freedom. Can I get a guri?Hari Om!
I am not a Guru. I am only a disciple. I cannot make anyone as my disciple.
My Guru has renounced His body.
I can only share and spread the teachings of my Guru with you as a friend or a brother.
You may practice these teachings for a year or so and nothing happens you are free to leave the teachings. You may think over it. Meanwhile you may visit our website and browse it, download the books free and study them. Take your own time. After doing all this if you want to practice the teachings of my Guru, contact me here for guidance and sharing.
11Tia BerryWhat if anything, should I say to a good friend of mine who is blindly following a very obviously fake Guru?In spiritual matters it is very difficult to convince someone though the person is our best friend. Spirituality is far from blind beliefs and superstitions. Spirituality is a matter of self-conviction and free will. Here none can force anyone. It is a matter of practice of truth in thought, word and deed. This practice develops right discrimination in oneself. Without right discrimination one becomes a victim of fake Gurus and false Babas.

See, one has to eke out one’s Karma. You cannot take your friend’s Karma on your own. At the best you may advise him/her as a friend. Right advice given to fools make them more agitated, restless and provocative. Leave him to his Karma in due course if he develops right discrimination he will leave fake Gurus on his own. Right discrimination makes one wise.

There is a quote from the Upanishads. “Even if Lord Brahma comes and teaches to a fool, he cannot understand the truth.”

Do not waste much time on him else you may stray from the path. One has to tread the path individually. Even the advice of the enlightened beings is of no use unless one takes the course.

10Kannans MWhat are the varius stages of enlightenement?There are 7 stages or say 7 floors of enlightenment.

1. Subhechcha
2. Vicharana
3. Thanu Manasa
4. Sattvapatti
5. Asamsakti
6. Padartha Bhavani
7. Turyaga
The first three are the floors of the serious seeker of the enlightenment called Mumukshu.
"Brahmavid, Brahmavidvara, Brahmavidvar eeya, Brahmavidvarishta" are those who are established in the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh floors of enlightenment respectively.

The details may be learnt by approaching your Guru. All the best.

9Mehak KWhat are the lessons that should be unlearnt?1. The lessons that immerse one in carnal and sensual pleasures.
2. The lessons that develop lust, greed, anger, etc.
3. The lessons that engage in killing, lying, gambling, etc, the seven sins.
4. The lessons that makes the mind run riot causing violence.
5. The lessons about sexual education, meat eating, drinking wine, etc.
6. Lessons from unqualified and ineligible persons.

There are many. Hari Om!

8Ashwin KWhat are the most interesting facts about Hinduism?Hari Om!
The following is the most interesting.

The Universal Fact Of Hinduism:

There was a seed of mercy and was planted in the field of mind after ploughing it with truth. It was supplied with the water of renunciation.
This seed came out as a plant and grew it into a tree. Many branches grew on this and were supported by shoots. This tree spread over a vast area. After a longtime first some branches identified themselves as Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Sikhism, etc. Some other branches identified themselves as irreligion, science, secularism, communism, consumerism, etc.

All these branches saw the trunk as different from them and called it as Hinduism.

Now the leaves, flowers and fruits are one and the same irrespective of their growth on any branch.
This tree is inverted whose roots go upwards and trunk and branches grow downwards.

7Gaurav PShould I cover my head while praying in Hinduism?Hari Om!

Yes, you need to cover your head so that the enemies whose names are Lust, Greed and Anger cannot hit your head while you are praying to God. This is applicable to all religions including Hinduism.

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6Ganesh SHello Sir,

My parents are poor. I recently got a private job but not high paying one. I do not wish to get married because nowadays the cost of raising kids, wife is very high in big cities compared to previous decade.

Sad, (Stone-hearted) Nava Naths/Krishna are not doing anything regarding this to save us.

Also, for poor/lower middle-class married people do not get time for spiritual practices. And if we do not do hours of spiritual practices then (stone-hearted) Krishna will not give heaven/good birth next time.

Only people who spent hours of spiritual practices could get heaven/good next birth in scriptures. Is my thinking of remaining unmarried good decision?

Hari Om!

1. You talk as if in the world only you are poor and all others are rich.

2. Why do you project your shortcomings on Nava Naths and Lord Krishna? Who said They are not saving Their devotees? If They do not save Their devotees who will become Their devotees.

3. Your language displays how much devotion (better call it obsession) you have towards Them. God or Nava Naths are not your servants to attend you at your call. There are many very, very poor devotees who worship Them without a complaint and are content to take life as it is.

4. You lack basic practices like how to revere God, His devotees, parents, teachers, etc. It is far cry for you to practice spiritual practices. It is foolish to worry about what happens after death (if one goes to heaven or gets good birth next). Leading a truthful life while practicing devotion here is heaven. Make this very birth as the best birth. Do not look for these things somewhere else or after death.

5. First serve your parents. Listen to them. Practice Dharma.

6. Why do you blame women? Is it not men who are poorer than you not getting married and raising children? Are they not leading happy lives with their families? You must change your thought process towards women. Had your father thought so you would have not been born at all.

7. You talk of the scriptures!! The same scriptures emphasized the need of a Guru on the spiritual path. I do not think you have a Guru.

8. Now come to your decision of being unmarried. I think it is a bad decision because you took this decision on your own. Are your parents happy and satisfied with your decision? Did they order it? Or did your Guru order so if you have one? If not so it is a decision compelled by your ego which is always bad.

5Sarvesh MSir, you wrote in recent answers that your Pardada Guru can clear astrological doshas. But sir he is not alive and how can he remove big doshas like kaal sarp dosh, sade sati etc?

I do not think removing these even possible for Navnaths, 84 siddhas also because these are very dangerous doshas as per astrology.

Only, Gods can clear these doshas but not siddha/sadhus because they do not possess such tapasya power.

Hari Om!

1. You have asked a very good question and one third of it, already answered by you.

2. You said that God can remove these doshas.

3. Who are Navnaths and 84 Siddhas? Do you think they are against God? They are supreme devotees of God. No, no, more and more they are supreme devotees of devotees of God.

4. Do you think God does not surrender to the will and wish of a devotee of His devotees?

5. Our Pardada Guru is a lotus feet servant of a servant of servant ……….. of servant of God.

6. He is a real Siddha who is a servant of servant of servant …. of servant of God. The ultimate Tapasya (penance) power which cannot be challenged is gained by being a servant of servant of servant of ……… servant of God.

7. Astrological doshas are nothing before this Tapasya. Astrologers do not know this secret. Hence they waste their time by worshipping gods instead of devotees.

8. Hope now you understand how our Pardada Guru though left His physical body can remove all doshas if one surrenders to Him.

4Rahul DHello Sir, I am Rahul and we had interaction on whatsapp yesterday.

My question is about when will my routine suffering in life will end?

My wife is an immature an short tempered woman who does not understand me much and quarrels a lot even at silly things. I have tried all tricks but she does not budge. Also, I quit my job in 2019 and started business in Export but I am still struggling and not earning decently. I have constant pressure from my parents and wife to quit business and do job again which I do not want to.

I have already done Kaal Sarpa dosh puja in Ujjain and other astrological remedies but nothing is solving my problems completely. Please guide me in solving my problems !!

Hari Om!

1. Only Time God can say when it will end. The better course for you is to practice devotion while leading a truthful life. Take suffering as a blessing and think God is testing your patience.

2. With your wife and other family members, you have to adjust. Please do not talk about her short-comings as she is your half-part. Everyone has some short-comings here in this world. Do your duty towards your wife and parents. Sometimes we have to listen to them though it is very hard.

3. You do your duty/work for earnings and worship your favourite God twice daily - morning and evening to improve your earnings.

4. Forget about astrological doshas. You may worship our Pardada Guru (Guru of Guru of our Guru). He is known as Azad Muni Baba. He can remove all doshas and solve your problems if one completely surrenders to Him. He has temples at Ujjain, Ratlam, Indore, etc. If you go there, you may contact me to guid you to His ashrams or temples.

5. Or you may come to attend Guru Purnima of our Guru which wil be held in July in Mandsaur. I will inform you of the date and program. You may attend it to solve all your problems.

May God bless you in difficult times!

3Sanjeev MisraHari Om.
Salutations at the holy feet of Guru.

There is a lot of written and discussed about the so called law of karma, it has been said that we can change the prarabdha by our kriyamaan karmas. But for kriyamaan karmas we do need a free will. Let me know, how a person who born as a mentally retarted and is not able to do even his daily activities on his own, how can he have a free will and how he can change his cursed prarabdha by doing kriyamaan karmas.

To me all it seems to be a clever psychological trick to make people believe that they are free to act and can make or change their destiny.

The scholars think that if they let people know that the life is predetermined, they fear that by knowing this, people will stop doing their karmas, but they fail to understand that men are not allowed to decide to act or not to act, they are pre programmed and even after knowing that the life is predetermined thay cannot stop doing their karmas for which they are programmed.

Can you please share your thoughts on this?

Hari Om.
1. We all go through prarabhdha since the womb-stage. The mentally retarded prarabda (accumulated karmas of previous births) are so strong that he cannot change his prarabda unless he goes through the suffering of mental retardation until free will is developed in him. It may develop in this birth after some suffering or in next birth or in many later births. We cannot know how long it will take. It is in the hands of Time God decided by Karma of his previous births. His Prarabda is so strong that he lost his free will.

2. It is not a clever psychological trick as you think. You have the freedom to act. Don’t you have? Most of us have except some as talked in point 1.

3. The body is given to do karmas. This world is known as Karma Bhoomi. Here the opportunity is given for all beings to modify the prarabda by doing good karmas or bad karmas or just suffering or eking out prarabda.

4. We are not machines to be pre-programmed by some. God never made us to act like machines. The proof is we have free will to do whatever we want.

5. To get rid of Karmas is also through karmas like a thorn is removed with another thorn and both will be thrown away (renounced).

2VenkaiahI want to get sadguru. If that is not possible even ordinary guru who can guide me in spiritual practice is also fine.

What is the way to find a guru?
Nowadays there are many fake gurus. How can I become lucky to get a guru?

Hari Om!
1. You can even get Sadguru (true Guru) provided God is pleased with your spiritual practices. Real true Guru is inner Guru only ie your Atma. Listen to Him and practice devotion towards your favourite God while leading a truthful life.

2. For your information the first Guru is mother and second Guru is father. If they are not satisfied with your behaviour/attitude/service towards them, God will never be satisfied. If God is not pleased, it is very difficult to reach the true Guru. This is the way of finding the true Guru.

3. Do not worry about fake Gurus, if you are truthful, no fake Guru can approach you.

4. Unless you work, there is no luck. Hence practice those as mentioned above and satisfy God by pleasing parents. Then it is easy to find a true Guru. All the best!

1NRV AppasamiGood Evening.
Recently one issue caught my attention and pondering over it.
How can one improve upon the luck of a person probability of getting an outcome through lottery: which is not in the control of a person.

I will illustrate with an example. Two students completed Graduation, one in Computer Science another in Economics in India. They both got admission in US Schools for Post Graduation and completed. First one in STEM and he got OPT for three years to work in US, without H1B Visa. Second one in General and he got OPT for one year to work in US, without H1B Visa.

H1B visa in US are limited. Every year 85000 seats are allotted based on lottery. Second one got H1B visa on the first year- by lottery whereas second one could not get allotment for two years and may have to look for other option if he does not get in third. Till that time the uncertainty cripples.

Here the luck place a role, which is not in own control.

How can one improve the chances which is beyond his control? Any spiritual practice?

Hari Om.
1. Spiritual practices practiced for materialistic progress or worldly gains are the lowest type of spiritual practices. Not practiced by the wise.

2. All humans are lucky because only they get the opportunity of reaching God.

3. Luckier are those who are devoted to God while practicing Dharma.

4. The luckiest person is the one who gets the opportunity of attending a Satsang (association with truth). It extends to meeting saints and serving them or meeting the true Guru and serving Him.

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